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【シンガポールのブライアン通信】3D print of an Oil Rig model and Lessons learned


Hi Everyone!

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Sorry for not posting for a long time but I am back with another update on 3D printing using a Pegasus DLP 3D printer from FSL3D. This time, I made an ambitious attempt to print an Oil Rig model with numerous fine details. Below is the 3D model in Autodesk 123D Design and in the FSL3D Retina create.





As you can see in the images above, there are structures with very thin walls and poles, especially under the Helipad platform.



The 2 images above shows the print with the supports still attached. The print height is about 8cm and this is printed in 0.05 mm resolution. The areas where there consist lots of thin poles connecting to each other shows warping and some of the poles have broken off. The most problematic area is the pole structure under the Helipad platform, the printer failed to print the structure which results in a failed print as seen in the circled area. It seems that it is not practical to print something like this with a lot of thin poles with little support structures and this experiment serves as an important lesson on what might not be possible to print with the current DLP 3D printer that I have. Hope that this experiment can give some good insight on what might not be a good idea to print on your next 3D print project!


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