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Using 3d-printing double-sided stamp Project “Polar Fusion.” two different cultures meet in Doha Qatar.


M face 2

Hi everyone! 😀 Mark-kun is back with another blog! 🙂 I’m sorry this second one took so long, I’ve been so busy with school work lately >.<

Anyway… today we are going to feature a student from VCUQ who has done a project using 3d-printing technology. Dana Chua, a rising senior in VCUQ’s Graphic Design major. She was also part of the TokyoMaker Tasmeem workshop

Her project is called “Polar Fusion.” This project explores the fusion of two different cultures: “the western world and the middle east.” It is an expression of how the two cultures meet in Doha Qatar.

The result of this project is a double-sided stamp, with English letters on one side and Arabic letters on the other. Dana used Rhino beta for Mac to create the models for the stamps.

Here is the Rhino model of the stamps. Dana  mainly used loft, Boolean and extrude to create these stamp shapes.


letters1Here you can see how the English letters (top) merge/fuse with the Arabic letters on the bottom. But notice how they fuse to a shape first in between. This is sort of a buffer shape and makes the whole fusion possible. There were a few difficulties with this though: sometimes the letters did not fuse correctly and Boolean didn’t work either a few times.


Next it’s off to the MakerBot! 😀makerbot_overviewHere Dana placed the exported stl file into MakerBot, ready to be printed.makerbot_middle


stampsfinal1_detailstest2Using the stamps

If you want to read more about this project, please



visit: https://danauhc.wordpress.com/portfolio/polar-fusion/


I hope you guys enjoyed this blog! 😀 See you next time! ありがとう! また ね! 🙂


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