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First I would like to thank Tsubasa San for letting me contribute to this blog on 3D printing news!

Let me first introduce myself, I am Bryan (Mechamind) from the small nation of Singapore and I am currently working as an Engineer and I try to work on printing 3D models in my free time.


For this 3D Print, I am USING a FSL3D Pegasus Touch 3D Printer  Http://Www.Fsl3d.Com/pegasus-touch/  .

Pegasus Touch by FSL3D

The Pegasus Touch 3D printer is using a DLP (Digital Light Projector) technology and recently, FSL3D is working on a newer model called the Phoenix Touch DLP 3D printer.

The 3D Game character model IS from Thingiverse   .

The word “Mechamind” is added onto the 3D model using a CAD software called 123D Design.

Below are some images of the print sample.

3D Sniper 1

3D print sample with the supports still attached.

3D Sniper 2

The word “Mechamind” can be seen on the side of the gun barrel.

3D Sniper 5

3D Sniper 4

3D Sniper 3

In these 3 photos, the supports are removed from the 3D print sample but there are still more cleaning to done.

3D Sniper 7

3D Sniper 8

3D Sniper 9
The print sample is primed to check for remaining leftovers by the supports. The undesirable parts of the print sample are sanded down and holes left by cutting the supports are filled in with Tamiya Putty.

3D Sniper 11

3D Sniper 10

 After finishing the cleanup process, the print sample is fully primed and it is now ready for a paint job!

3D Sniper 12

The word “Mechamind” can be seen more clearly in this photo which demonstrates that the Pegasus Touch 3D printer is able to print up to this level of detail.

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