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《あッ3Dプリンター屋だッ!!のコミュニティサイト Produced by TOKYO-MAKER》

【カタールの学生マーク君の123D Design! Basics】123D Design tutorial Vol.1


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Hi everyone! 😀 I’m Mark-kun and I will be your instructor in 123D Design (a modelling software optimized for 3d-printing and fabrication).




So 123D Design by Autodesk is a user-friendly software which you can use to construct 3d-models of things you would like to 3d-print. You can download it here: http://www.123dapp.com/design

Let’s begin! はじめよう! 😀

Here is the interface when you open 123D Design:


1) Main drop-down where you can open projects and save them.

2) Undo and redo

3) Transform

4) Primitives which contain basic shapes such as boxes and spheres.

So now let’s try making a quick box:

2 So hover your mouse over “Primitives” and a drop-down menu should appear. Click the box image which says “Box.”

3 Click anywhere on the grid and a box should appear! You can choose any shape you like from the toolbar 🙂

So now that we made our box, let’s see what we can do with it!

Of course, one of the first things is how do we move it? Simple!

4 We can just press the “Transform” button on the toolbar and we are free to move the box and even rotate it!

To move and rotate the object, simply hover over the box until it gets a bright green outline like below. This is important because this indicates to the software that this is the object that you are going to select. If it does not have a bright green outline around it, it means it will not select the object.


It also has a green box which basically tells you click on which solids to transform ^^;

6 Now we can use the arrows (pointing in the X Y Z directions) to move the box. You just left click and hold on an arrow, then you drag it in the desired direction. Here I lifted the box off the ground plane.

And you can also play around with the box with rotate. Simply hold on the double sided arrows which also go in all three directions and rotate to your desired angle.

I hope that was helpful to all beginners! 😀 Thank you for reading, 7

see you next time! ありがとう! また ね! 🙂


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